ACES Annual Homeschool Fair

Thinking about homeschooling?

Thank  you to everyone who joined us this year for the 2021 Virtual Homeschool Fair! We'll be back next February to connect families to more great local resources! AND...keep an eye out--we have an EXCITING event planned for the end of summer!

Join us for a FREE webinar to find new resources, ask questions, and make connections! We’ll be featuring local small businesses ready to help you on your homeschooling journey!


Have access to the event zoom link

Receive updates and reminders

Will have exclusive coupons and savings from our vendors

Can submit questions to be answered during the event

Are entered to win our sweepstakes prizes provided by our vendors

Can watch  the recording after the event

Virtual Homeschool Fair Presentation Schedule
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In addition to the FREE Virtual Homeschool Fair, ACES Education is offering a FREE Homeschool After-Party/Talk Back! If you’ve wanted to connect with other homeschool families or have your tough questions answered, this is your chance! Unlike the fair, this will be a time to chat about homeschooling face-to-face, with cameras on and microphones ready! Join us to meet new families in the area, learn more about the community, and get involved!

The event is FREE via Zoom from on Feb. 27th from 1-2pm (an hour after the fair). Registration is required to participate. If you’ve already registered for the fair, you’ll already have access to the after party link!

Join us for the Virtual Homeschool Fair, after party, or both! There’s just one simple 2-minute registration form, and you’ll gain access to coupons and promotions, and be eligible to win our giveaway items!