Don't take our word for it---read what others are saying about ACES services...

"ACES Education was exactly what I needed in helping my son getting an evaluation and the help that he needed. He has been extremely successful since Jane and her team helped intervene. Both of my boys loved her and her classes! Jane is a wonderful teacher and person. I couldn't possibly recommend anyone more than her to help teach your children or help you along the way!" ME, parent

"Being in the homeschool group was great because you get to meet new people and it's fun learning with your friends. Mrs. Marcoux always makes learning fun and it's great to have others around who can help you."  AJ, student

"Mrs. Marcoux has provided math tutoring for my daughter, who struggled with math anxiety. Her patience and encouragement throughout the sessions encouraged my daughter and helped her gain more confidence in her own abilities. She was really a crucial part of helping me to better help my daughter when it comes to her math studies. From choosing a curriculum to structuring lessons to giving me feedback on how to teach, Mrs. Marcoux's help has been in invaluable."  DJ, parent

"I like the wide variety of activities that we do such as book club, documentary club, our regular group meetings and field trips." WD, student

"Mrs. Marcoux knows how to engage the students in creative ways such as games, plays, cooking and field trips.  Organized is her middle name.  Writing, verbal communication and creativity are practiced and encouraged...hands-on learning in an encouraging environment." DW, parent

"When we have the whole group together, and we do projects and stations, it is fun, but you learn at the same time."  TM, student

"The field trips were amazing opportunities for learning and they reinforced what was being studied in class. Everything about the Homeschool Groups experience was a blessing for my son and I. The class structure was a nice transition for my son, who is entering the private school system after being homeschooled his entire life. Blessed by Mrs. Marcoux and her excellent planning and the team that surrounds her!" CH, parent

"I liked going to the animal shelter and all the projects we did to help other people and animals." NM, student

"I am always amazed at how Mrs. Marcoux can weave history, science, language arts, and fine arts into exciting, fun, and packed sessions that my kids talk about for days!" AA, parent

"(The Homeschool Group is) a fun place to learn, where you don't feel like you are learning. I love to get together with my friends every week. I really like the back to school party, it makes going back to school worth it." DT, student

"I love the way the field trips and class sessions are integrated with the topics covered. Our student is always enthusiastic about attending and seeing his friends, and learning in such a positive, supportive environment!" KD, parent

"We contacted Maggie after my son received his first set of ACT scores because he scored lower than he had hoped on the math portion of the test. We set up several private tutoring sessions with Maggie and she was able to effectively target the deficiencies in his knowledge base as well as teach him overall strategies for approaching the math portion of the test. He felt more confident the second time he took the test and it showed in his results - he gained 5 points in the math portion! We would definitely recommend Maggie to anyone who is looking for a test prep tutor!" DK, parent