REGISTRATION FOR 2019-2020 IS COMING!  Registration for current families will begin March 1st.  Registration for new families will begin April 1st.

Contact us today to learn more about our Homeschool Groups.

Tuition and Fee Schedule 2019-2020

Hourly Tutoring Fee

  • $30/hour once per week

  • $25/hour twice (or more) per week

ACES Homeschool Groups Tuition

  • $1350/yearly or billed $150/month per student Wednesday and Thursday groups (full day).
  • $900/yearly or billed $100/month per student Tuesday groups (half day).

    Payments are due on the 15th of each month.

  • Yearly Registration/Supply Fee--$150 per student.

    Classes begin the week of September 3rd 2019. Registration Fee must be paid by the first day of classes.

  • Late Pick-up Fee--$25/hr for any part or whole of each hour until pick-up. True emergencies will be the ONLY exception to this fee. More than two "true emergencies" will jeopardize student enrollment in the program.
  • Late Payment Fee/Returned Check Fee--$25 which will be charged to your account.

All general, necessary materials, including binders, paper, pencils, art, copies, music and dance fees, etc...will be provided by ACES. Documentary and Book Club selections will be available at the library or through Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube.

Families enrolled in one of the ACES Homeschool Groups will automatically be added to our private Facebook page for private events, information and support.

Students will be responsible for bringing their own snack/lunch.

Field trip admissions are not included in tuition and will be due at the time of the trip.

ACES Homeschool Support Membership

Not ready to join one of our weekly groups, but want to have the support of other local, homeschooling families? You can take advantage of signing up for our private Facebook page only. This will give you access to field trips, social events, service projects and a small, supportive community.

  • Annual Membership $50 per family

Consulting (IEP Assistance/Advocacy)

Advocacy services can be an added expense for families, who are already overwhelmed with a child who is struggling. Please look at the resources available on our website first before deciding to retain our services. If you decide to retain our services, consulting fees are available upon request.

Payment Information

Each family will receive a tuition statement for the full tuition owed for the upcoming school year.  Payment for tuition may be made either in full, per semester or per month.  Payment may be made online by following the link in the tuition statement invoice or by using one of the options below. Payments may also be made by check in person to ACES.

To use Chase Quick Pay or Pay Pal, please select one of the buttons  below and make payments to ""

If using PayPal, please select "Send Money to Friends and Family in the US"  This allows us to keep our prices lower by avoiding any service fees.  Thank you!

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