Academic/ Homeschool

Academic and Homeschool Consultations may be used to help you assess your student's baseline reading, writing or math level, select a curriculum, create schedules, connect to local homeschool resources and programs and much more!  

IEP/504 Support

IEP/504 support may include such topics as goal writing, curriculum, accommodations/modifications, and preparing for annual reviews or domain meetings.  We also offer assistance in developing an Action Plan for services and resources in the community. These services are available to parents and other members of the IEP team to build collaborative models, improve communication and design real world plans that meet the needs of each unique situation.

Behavioral Support

ACES provides behavioral support services for families and school districts. Services may include, but are not limited to, conducting direct/indirect behavior assessments, developing/supporting the implementation of behavior plans, training and ongoing support. Training topics may include topics such as: functions of behavior, function-based interventions, building rapport and instructional control, preventing behaviors through environmental supports/antecedent strategies, reinforcement, responding to problem behavior, data collection and training to write functional behavior assessments and behavior implementation plans.

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“We wanted to say thank you again for your valuable information during our consultation. Our son’s behavior is currently manageable and his attitude seems more optimistic, but if in the future we feel we need help with his behavioral issues we will surely look first to ACES for a consultation. We really appreciate the time spent with us and the help you gave us.”–JD, parent