Special Education

Mindful Monday Meet-Up for Adults with Disabilities

FOR:  Independent Adults with Disabilities (ages 22-50)

WHEN:  Mondays 9:30AM - 1:30PM - September 9th - May 19th 

WHERE: ACES Education, 63 Fernwood Rd., Montgomery (Door 2)

COST: $75/Class; Discounts for seasonal and full year bundles

Learn more about WHY Mindful Mondays was started:

Angela Flaherty is an educator of 31 years. She has a degree in English and dance education. She taught in SD308 and owned her own dance studio in Oswego. She is mom to four adult children; her third child, Liam is 21 and is on the autism spectrum, deaf (but wears a cochlear implant), and has Tourettes Syndrome. At her dance studio, which operated for 15 years and closed during Covid, she had a 'Dancing With Special Stars' program for kids and adults with disabilities, which now is offered as a free online dance class. Once again, she is following her heart to offer in-person experiences for this population. For adults with special needs, who have aged out of school transition programs, there are not many opportunities for continuing education. She believes that just because an adult with disabilities ages out of a program, it does not mean that they wish to stop learning, nor should they stop learning. ACES Education is pleased to partner with Mrs. Flaherty to bring a BRAND NEW program on Mondays in Montgomery--MINDFUL MONDAY MEET-UP !

Tori Doede has worked for 5 years in education and has experience in various educational settings including public school, co-ops, tutoring, and reading interventions with struggling readers. Her background in special education has given her extensive experience as a case manager, writing IEPs, and leading IEP meetings. Mrs. Doede has worked with children with various disabilities, including, but not limited to: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, emotional and behavior disorders, students who are blind and deaf, and various levels of learning disabilities. Tori has a fundamental belief that everyone is deserving of dignity, love, and respect.