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2022 Summer Camp Information

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Horse Camp

Do you have a kiddo who loves all things horses? Join us for an on-site camp at Valley View Farm. We’ll tour the farm, meet the horses and explore math concepts related to horses! Let your child’s passion for horses motivate their academic learning. Kids apply their math skills to the real-world of horses as they learn about conformation, how to calculate a horse’s heart rate, make purchases at the tack store, and more. Math is grade 3rd-5th, the horse information is for ages 7-12.

**NEW** Summer Sign Language with Sarah Camp

We will be learning and practicing sign language through the mediums of music, lessons, games, and arts/crafts! Campers will come home (Thursday night) with a durable wall decoration and perform a song in sign language for the parents. We will have an experienced student signing aide. The teacher for this camp is a certified teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing as well as deaf herself and a fluent lipreader!

The cost for this camp is $150. An early bird price of $130 is available through April 30th.

A 20% sibling discount is available for this camp.

In-Person Monday-Thursday Camps 9am-12pm

Harry Potter Camp (06/06/2022-06/09/2022) – FULL

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin…In which House do YOU belong? Make your own wand, create potions, conduct experiments. Compete in daily challenges, compete in House games and scavenger hunts. Camp open to wizards and muggles alike!

Art Escapades Camp (06/13/2022-06/16/2022) – FULL

For ART-loving kids ages 4-12. Explore ART through a variety of approaches including drawing, painting, artist inspired projects, games and more!

Hola Amigos! (06/13/2022-06/16/2022) – AGES 4 to 10

Vamanos! Let’s learn Spanish! During four, hour-long sessions, campers will learn beginning Spanish vocabulary through games, songs and activities!

STEAM Challenge Camp (06/20/2022-06/23/2022) – AGES 5 to 10

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!

Together, these subjects create STEAM! Campers will become familiar with each of these subject areas, develop skills and increase knowledge all while working on project-based, experiential activities! Blending learning and fun, campers will exercise critical thinking as they collaborate, communicate and create solutions to several different challenges throughout the week!

Pirate Treasure Hunt Mystery Camp (06/27/2022-06/30/2022) – FULL

The adventure begins with a letter from half-way around the world, a strange key and a note from a pirate from long ago. The characters in the mystery send clues each day to help campers find the long-lost treasure. There are ciphers to crack, puzzles to solve and a history of double-crossing pirates with schemes of their own to entertain sea-farin’ treasure hunters.

Mysteries of Science Camp (07/11/2022-07/14/2022) – FULL

Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Severe Weather, and Kitchen Chemistry are the amazing science themes that we will explore in this camp for both beginning and more experienced scientists. The thinkers, explorers, and nature lovers will find a home in this camp!

Don’t want your house to smell like formaldehyde?  Leave the dissections to us.  Each day, we will dissect at least one animal and/or parts of animals.  Earthworms, grasshoppers, mollusks, frogs, fish, starfish and more will be dissected.  A $15 lab fee is included for a dissection kit that campers can take home with them at the end of camp. 

Dig deep into the ecology and conservation of the Waubonsee Creek Watershed! Campers will be immersed in nature, from our basecamp at ACES, to Hudson Crossing Park  and the surrounding woodland area. We’ll learn all about the local plants and animals. Get ready to get your hands dirty as we work with natural materials, investigate the health of our waterways, and join the effort to keep our creek beautiful!

In-Person One-Day Camps

In this one-day camp, students will learn about insect natural history and biodiversity through a series of fun projects and activities.

The question isn’t what can you do with LEGO? It’s what CAN’T you do?!? Join us for collaborative work, exploration and more with a variety of creative design challenges!

In this one-day camp, budding geologists will learn about Illinois’ natural history. Campers will search for common Illinois rock specimens in and around Waubonsee Creek. We will learn about the rock cycle and the glacial history of our area. Campers will also enjoy learning map, compass and GPS skills and will explore a local geocache!